The Cycle to achieve Optimum Health and Youth with BIO15

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5 months agoJanuary 21, 2020

The World’s first and leading Award-Winning Probiotic that employs a traditional, 100% natural fermentation process uniquely from Japan.  Resulting in highly effective, powerful all natural premium probiotic.

A full-culture production method which retains all the friendly bacteria and supernatant, which is only possible through a natural fermentation process is the most desirable method.  BIO-15 is the only Probiotic in the World that is a “super” probiotic that contains Probiotic, Prebiotic, Biogencis and Supernatant are retained.

1. The First and Only Probiotic in the world to use an all Natural, Fermentation Process of over 6 years, resulting in a full-culture method which retains all the friendly bacteria + Supernatant

2. Award Winning, Deluxe Blend of over 180 types of Organic Herbs, Berries, Plants, Mushrooms infused with Natural Mountainous Spring Water.

3. Contains Unique Formulation that includes Prebiotics + Probiotics + Biogenics

4. Special Enteric-Coated (Double-coated) Encapsulation through patented Sankyo Capsules that is vegetable based, 100% natural and is able to withstand harsh stomach acids in order to be safely delivered to the intestinal gut.

5. Only Probiotic that contains Live Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria, possible only through its 100% natural 6 years fermentation process

6. Unique Japanese fermentation technique is able to maintain the Live Viable Lactic Acid Bacteria and hence allowing the product to be stored Without Refrigeration.

7. Developed with the Highest Standards & Strictest Quality Controls in a controlled environment, under Japan’s Health Authority & every capsule is hygienically encased in blister packs.

8. Over 180 types of Organic Herbs, Plants & Berries fermented for over 6 years.

9. Contains 15 strains of Live lactic Acid Bacteria.
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